Should You Use Textured Wallpaper If You Own a Cat?

If you have a cat and textured wallpaper, you likely already know that you have a potent mix for a disaster on your hands. Many cats love textured wallpaper and will find their own little area of the wallpaper to tear to shreds.

How can you get your cat to stop? Start by assessing the wallpaper that you’re going to use. If you can choose something that isn’t textured, all the better. If you already have textured wallpaper, there are a few things that you can do to keep kitty and your wallpaper both happy.

Start by giving your cat a great scratching post in the same room. Move the cat post around until you find an area that your cat loves. Train your cat to use the scratching post, not your wallpaper,

Next, clean your area in and near the wallpaper with a cleaning solution that involves orange essential oil. There are many great products on the market today that incorporate orange essential oil into them, or you can make your own with some orange essential oil and a carrier oil or solution.

Spray it at the base of your walls and test a small area of your wall paper to see if you can spray it directly on the wall paper. In most cases, you can’t spray it on the raised or textured areas but some will stand up to the oil.

You’ll have to reapply this solution to your wallpaper for awhile to train kitty to stay away. It may take a few applications per day or it may only take one per day depending on the solution that you’re using.

Since cats hate the smell of oranges the orange essential oil seems to work well for most pet owners. Some cats don’t seem to care as much as others so you may have to opt for a different solution.

Alternatives include vinegar or even a hand made pepper spray such as soaking pepper flakes in water for a time and then straining the water into a spray bottle.

Be sure to test any solution that you use to ensure that it’s safe for the wallpaper or other surfaces that it’s applied to. Use it as required to keep kitty from scratching up the wall paper.

If these don’t work, you may wish to fill a spray bottle with water and wait for kitty to attack. When kitty attacks, you spray kitty with the water and tell kitty “NO” very loudly.

It may seem harsh, but cats can be trained to leave things alone. The water won’t hurt them but avoid spraying them with the vinegar, pepper spray or essential orange cleaner as these could harm kitty.

You’re going to have to stay on top of this for awhile. Kitty will test your will against theirs until they find another place to scratch. Even then, there may be times that they are tempted to scratch on the wallpaper.

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