What is Coworking Space and How is it Used?

Coworking spaces like indiegrovejc.com are the latest craze among freelancers of all kinds. Everybody wants to enjoy a beautiful desk and the company of like-minded people, hence the huge success of these shared offices. Besides, office rental prices are quite high, residents of big cities having troubles in finding something good at an affordable rate. The only problem is that the owners of such spaces can’t invest too much into promoting them, so you’ll have to be creative in order to find one close to your home or in a particular area you enjoy.

Finding a coworking space in Jersey City can start from an online search. As there aren’t many such places, your search may not return the expected results. Spaces that have websites are surely going to be on top of these results, but they may not be the best ones. If you want to discover the hidden gems of your city, you need to dig deeper.

One of the best routes is to join a few freelancing discussion forums and groups. These communities share useful information in regard to their area of activity, so you may find lots of tips and advice on being more productive and more focused in your work, as well as reviews of the best coworking spaces these people use. If you can find a local community, you’ll find out about the best local opportunities that would help them improve their efficiency and their work productivity. After all, working from home can easily lead to lots of distractions and to procrastination that prevents you from getting things done.

If you choose to join global freelancing communities, you may have to ask them whether they know of any good coworking space in Jersey City. Such news spread fast among people in search of an office that wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. If anyone in your city is a member of that community and knows about a good space, you can be sure he or she is going to share the details with you. Facebook groups are excellent sources of information. However, you need to find the right communities to join, and this can be a challenge, as Facebook’s group discover system isn’t the best ever. You may need to spend a while searching for freelancing hubs in Jersey City or in the neighboring areas, but your effort will be well worth it since most of these people need a decent space to work or to have their brainstorming meetings.

You can also try to ask a few local real estate agents if they have such properties in their portfolio. This type of space is very new, and the owners need to find people to populate their desks and make some profits, so you can rest assured they are soon going to reach out to real estate brokers to help them advertise their properties.

All these being said, once you find a space you enjoy, use it as often as possible, and don’t forget to spread the word about it, as other freelancers may also be needing it.

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