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Marketing Materials

Help us spread the word about the Atlanta Prosperity Campaign and its services.

We have various materials which you may download and print to advertise free tax assistance, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and Benefits Outreach. Feel free to distribute these materials to your employees, clients and local community to advertise these important free services.

To request pre-printed materials, please contact us.

Atlanta Prosperity Campaign
Helping You and Your Family Achieve Financial Freedom
Information for Employees

When Working Families Win, We All Win
Information for Employers

VITA Program


*New* APC VITA Flyer – Customizable English
*New* APC VITA Flyer – Customizable Español

Payroll Stuffers and Door Hangers

*New* APC Vertical Flyer/Payroll Stuffer – English/Español
*New* APC Customizable Door Hanger – English/Español


*New* APC Fill-in Poster – 11 X 17
*New* APC Fill-in Poster – 17 X 22


*New* EITC Brochure – English/Español
*New* EITC FAQ Brochure - English/Español
*New* Get Right With Your Taxes Brochure – English

Benefits Outreach

Georgia COMPASS Flyer – English
Georgia COMPASS Flyer – Español

LIHEAP Energy Assistance Flyer – English
LIHEAP Energy Assistance Flyer –Español

PeachCare Flyer –English

WIC Flyer –English

WIC Income Guidelines - English

Medicaid Income Guidelines - English

Subsidized Child Care Information - English

Sample Materials

COMPASS Consent and Transaction Authorization Form

ACFB Consent Form

Data Tracking Form - Excel

Data Tracking Form - Word Doc


Client_flyer_COMPASS_English.doc40.5 KB
Client_flyer_COMPASS_spanish.doc39.5 KB
Energy_Assistance_for_metro_counties.doc31.5 KB
Energy_Assistance_for_metro_counties_SPANISH.doc35 KB
PeachCare_flyer_LL.doc46.5 KB
WIC Information_LL_REV.doc313 KB
PeachCare_flyer_LL 2009.doc46.5 KB
WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines 2009-2010.doc47 KB
Medicaid Income Limits Sheet 2009.doc81 KB
Subsidized Child Care Assistance condensed.doc33 KB
COMPASS Transaction Authorization Form.doc54.5 KB
Consent to Release Information-updated.doc45.5 KB
Copy of Provider Module Tracking Sheet -excel format--Blank-97.xls33 KB
Provider Module Tracking Sheet -word doc format--blank-97.doc61 KB