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COMPASS (Apply for Food Stamps Online)

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Georgia residents are now able to submit an online application for Food Stamps. In addition to Food Stamps, residents can find out if they are possibly eligible for other services provided by the Department of Family and Children Services. These include Medicaid, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Subsidized Child Care (CAPS), LIHEAP (energy assistance), Aging Services, Substance Abuse Services, WIC, Emergency Food Assistance, Mental Health Services, and Child Support. This online tool is provided through Georgia COMPASS (Common Point of Access to Social Services), Georgia's online Food Stamp application and pre-screening tool.

The Georgia COMPASS link, https://compass.ga.gov/, provides access to the online application and screening tool. The application is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. When you log on to the site, you are presented with four choices:

  • Pre-screening for all benefits
  • Applying for Benefits
  • Checking the status of your submitted application, and
  • Reporting changes

By choosing the “Am I Eligible?” button, you can put in basic, non-identifying information about yourself to see what you may be eligible for. After doing so, the program will give you directions on how to apply or get more information about the benefits for which you are potentially eligible.

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Choosing the “Apply for Benefits” button will take you directly to the Food Stamps application. The application walks you through each step, allowing you to review the information put into the program before proceeding to the next step. Before you start the application, you will be prompted to create a username and password for logging in to the system. This is not required, but you will not be able to log back in to complete an unfinished application or check for application status updates without the username and password. Once the application is complete, you can submit the application electronically with a request for times that an interview would be most convenient. If it is difficult for you to get to your local DFCS office, you may request that the interview be done by phone.

The “Application Status Check” button is helpful if you have submitted your application online and you want to check on the status of the application. You can log-in using the username and password you created during the initial application process.

The “Report my Changes” button is available to report any household changes once you are receiving Food Stamps.  This feature can be used by anyone in Georgia with a Food Stamp case even if you did not apply for Food Stamps through COMPASS.  Reporting changes consists of things such as an addition to your family or change in a job.


Would you like assistance with applying for food stamps?


The Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Atlanta Prosperity Campaign can you help to :
· Determine if you qualify for food stamps
· Apply for food stamps
· Renew the food stamp benefits you receive now
· Make household changes to the food stamp benefits you receive now

To view Benefits Screening dates and locations please click: Benefits Screening Calendar.


Office Hours are the FIRST MONDAY of each month
9 AM to 1 PM
APPOINTMENTS are taken from 9 AM to 11 AM
Call 404-832-4979 ext. 1
- or -
If there is no answer, please leave a message stating you are requesting an appointment for food stamps, and include your NAME and CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. 
Someone will call you to schedule your appointment.
WALK-INS are accepted between 11 AM and 1 PM
Office Address: Atlanta Community Food Bank Annex
970 Jefferson St, Atlanta, GA 30318
Take the elevator to the second floor, and follow signs to the waiting area.