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Benefits Screener Job Description

Benefit Screener volunteers assist in the screening process to identify eligibility for public benefits (including food stamps, children’s health insurance, child care assistance, and energy assistance). Benefit screenings take place at various locations throughout metro Atlanta at partnering agency sites. Many of the partnering agencies have limited resources and need volunteers to help screen clients for these benefits.

Benefit Screener Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Screen clients for economic supports to which they may be eligible
  • Answer questions about public benefits and refer the client to other resources as necessary

Benefit Screener Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Basic computer/internet skills.
  • Attend training on the software used in screening.
  • Dates, times and locations vary.

 To read more about being a Benefit Screener, take a look at these documents:

The Volunteer's Role

Volunteer Information

*If you are a court-ordered volunteer and would like to volunteer with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, please visit the ACFB's website to view requirements: to the nature of the Benefit Screening Program, we do not accept court-ordered volunteers.  Please feel free to volunteer for the Food Bank's other programs. 

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