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Intake Administrator Volunteer Description

The Intake Administrator Volunteer welcomes clients to the VITA Site and prepares clients for their VITA experience.

Intake Administrator Volunteer Responsibilities:
  • Provides taxpayers with intake forms to complete and help with completion of forms as necessary.
  • Ensures that taxpayers have all necessary documents.
  • Ensures the taxpayer qualifies for VITA assistance.
  • If the site takes appointments, contacts the scheduled clients to confirm appointments.
  • Manages flow of clients to tax preparers and waiting list if applicable.
  • Informs clients about other services available through the Atlanta Prosperity Campaign and its partners.

Intake Administrator Volunteer Qualifications:

  • Basic tax law knowledge, but does not need to know how to prepare a tax return.
  • Basic training (2-4 hours) – Filing requirements, EITC/CTC basics and other administrative issues.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong organization and crowd management skills.
  • Good attention to detail.
In order to devote more time to hands-on examples during class, Intake Administrator Training has a required self-study training module to be completed PRIOR to attending the in-class training session.  Click HERE